Modern Greenhouses

Modern greenhouses incorporate the latest technology in regular greenhouse activities when compared to old greenhouse installations. Ventilation, heating, cooling, irrigation, shading, fertilizing, temperature control and all greenhouse systems are the highest quality materials and installed most efficiently according to the scientific values.


Today, modern greenhouses, developed to be different than the traditional greenhouses and ensures quality and high-efficiency crops by taking advantage of advanced technology. Compared to traditional greenhouse cultivation, one of the most important factors in the choice of modern greenhouses is the cultivation can be carried out throughout the year with soilless agriculture. Automation system installed in greenhouses ensures climate control. Temperature and humidity of the environment are measured with climate control devices. Measured values are controlled according to temperature and humidity values and reviewed with heating, cooling, windows and fogging systems in the greenhouses. These greenhouses, which are also called smart greenhouses, can ensure real-time measurement with advanced sensor networks, store data and save energy according to changes in outdoor weather conditions, decide to save fertilizer and water according to the needs of the roots of the plants, and carry out disease and pest control with plant development.


As a result of these software and systems:


Labor, electricity and fuel consumption, water and fertilizer usage used in cultivation decreases while labor productivity increases.

Multi-functional, easy to install, smart greenhouse control systems and software development have become widespread in different types of equipment which can be used in our country and international markets.